"trekrpg" mailing list

The original (albeit short-lived) Trek mailing list, "lugtrek@iastate.edu" was put together by Grimjack on his own personal server; however, the volume of the list quickly forced Grimjack to move the server to a larger facility.

In entered RPGnet, the second host of the "trekrpg" list for Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek RPGs. All users of Grimjack’s original list were automatically moved over and subscribed to the new list on September 4, 1998.

RPGnet hosted the trekrpg list until January 2001, when it (mysteriously) ceased transmission. It was fun while it lasted, and a lot of the material here on TrekRPGNet originated from posts in the trekrpg mailing list. Special thanks to Grimjack for the creation of the Star Trek RPG Internet Mailing List!

For those still interested in a Star Trek RPG mailing list...there's a new Yahoo Group called LUGTrek, at:


Users who sign up with this Group can elect to receive posts as individual emails, daily digests, or no emails at all (meaning you go to the site itself to view the messages, just like our own Discussion Boards).

(Thanks to Brian K for providing info on the LUGTrek Group.)