submission guidelines

Thank you for considering to submit material for the Star Trek Role Playing Game Network (TrekRPGNet)! Before you do so please review the following:

Submission Format
The preferred format for all submissions is Microsoft Word. Other formats are accepted but this format is easiest to convert. If your submission contains tables or graphs you may include them. If you use any outside sources please cite them in your submission for proper credit to the original author.

Long file names are fine, but do not use white (blank) spaces! Please use underscores in your file names when appropriate. You may archive to save space at your discretion.

Material Accepted
We accept just about anything! You may choose to submit starship designs (see below), personnel data sheets, alternate rules, new creatures, new Advantages and Disadvantages, Templates, Overlays, essays on running Star Trek RPGs, and much more. If you have doubt please contact the for clarification.

We do not accept:

Material must be appropriate to the Star Trek mythos. No excessive violence, sexual content, or other material that would be inappropriate for public use. Essentially submissions must be of a nature that would be appropriate for a Star Trek television episode.

Failure to follow some of these guidelines may adversely affect your submission being accepted. Most of the above is common-sense, but if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Please send all submissions to via e-mail. Your material will appear online after it has been reviewed or you will be contacted if there are any problems or more information is required.

Thank you!