what's new?

Stardate 0718.01
  • Added new ship, Ferengi Cargo Shuttle (Utopia Planitia)
  • Added new ship, Ferengi Shuttlepod (Utopia Planitia)
Stardate 0615.01
  • Added new ship, Constitution-class Refit (Utopia Planitia)
Stardate 0614.01
  • Added new Packages: Law School and Starfleet Staff College (Tactical)
  • Added S. John Ross's comparison of TOS and TNG warp scales (Tactical)
  • Added new adventure, "Return to Nimbus III" (Tactical)
Stardate 0613.01
Stardate 0612.01
  • Added Starfleet Academy diploma (Computer Core - Icon Links)
  • Added new ship, Galaxy-class Refit (Utopia Planitia)
Stardate 0610.01
  • Added artwork by new artist Andreas Oeltjen (Visual Ref)
  • Added new NPC, Ensign Brian Jackson (Personnel)
Stardate 0531.01
  • Added Alexandre Maier's cover art for the Dominion War Sourcebook (Visual Ref)
  • Added Klingon Bird-of-Prey and Maquis Raider deck plans (Computer Core - Handouts)
  • Added martial arts summary guide (Computer Core - General)
Stardate 0508.01
Stardate 0507.01
Stardate 0504.01
  • Added the Babble Chart (Computer Core - General)
  • Added unofficial Starfleet Academy character sheet (Computer Core - Sheets)
Stardate 0501.01
  • Added new ship, Freedom-class (Utopia Planitia)
Stardate 0430.01
  • Updated the information about the "trekrpg" mailing list, and added info about the Yahoo Group LUGTrek (Internet Mailing List)
Stardate 0429.01
  • Added images to Raider Class Escort and Breen Battleship (Utopia Planitia)
  • Added ALT tags to all images in Utopia Planitia
  • Updated links to the Daystrom Institute Technical Library (Utopia Planitia)
Stardate 0428.01
  • Added Tholian artwork from new artist C. Huth (Visual Ref)
  • Added Starfleet-style blank handout sheets (Computer Core - Handouts)
Stardate 0425.01
  • Added preview info on Decipher's upcoming new Star Trek RPG (Priority One)
  • Added new ship: Breen Battleship  (Utopia Planitia)
Stardate 0424.01
  • Added images from a new artist, Carey Inman (Visual Ref)
  • New Training Package, WAR! (Operations)
  • Added link to Daniel Stack's U.S.S. Icarus campaign (Transporter Room)
Stardate 0421.01
  • Added links to Bob Range's Epsilon 43 site, James Kikland's Star Trek: New Worlds, and our own Owen Oulton's Oberth-class deck plans (Transporter Room)
  • Tweaked the Visual Ref section, providing thumbnails for the larger images and ALT tags for all images
  • Deleted some inactive hyperlinks
Stardate 0419.01
  • Added new NPC, Ensign Reyshon Deris (Personnel)
  • Fixed some broken "legalese" footers in Personnel & Tactical
Stardate 0418.01
  • Added three new Species Templates (Species)
  • Added new NPC: Emergency Medical Hologram (Personnel)
  • Added Crew Roster Generator Spreadsheet (Computer Core - Software)
Stardate 0405.01
  • Added new baby, Alloryn Ann Mappin (Real world)
Stardate 0321.01
  • Redesigned voting booth. Now Netscape-friendly! 
Stardate 0308.01
  • Added two new NPCs, Lt. Roy Kelso and Midshipman Jake Mackenzie (Personnel)
  • Added new artwork (Visual Ref)
Stardate 0204.01
  • Redesigned the layout of the Computer Core.
  • Added the previews of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Core Game Book and Among the Clans: The Andorians to the Netbooks page (Computer Core)
  • Added ALL the Icon Links from Last Unicorn Games to the Computer Core
Stardate 0116.01
  • Added new Species Template, Renium
  • Added Spacedock & Ship Recognition Manual cover art (Visual Ref)
  • Added new starship, Borg Cube (Utopia Planitia)
Stardate 0115.01
  • New full-length Dave Biggins adventure (Tactical)
Stardate 0113.01
Stardate 0104.01
Happy New Year! Happy New Millennium!
  • Added two new links to unpublished LUGTrek material by Steve Kenson and S. John Ross (Transporter Room)
Stardate 1231.00
Stardate 1130.00
Stardate 1125.00
  • New NPC, Cmdr. Helena Mudd (Personnel)
  • New Training Package, Starfleet Flight Academy (Operations)
  • Added several new links to Star Trek game sites, and removed some that aren't around anymore (Transporter Room)
  • Added new comment (Comments Page)
Stardate 0730.00
First, I hadn't realized it'd been so long since this page was updated! (We've done updates since the one below.)
  • What's New page uses same Stardate convention as the front/News pages.
  • Corrected about five broken links throughout the site.
  • Added new Species Template, Hermat (Alternate)
  • New NPC, DTI Agent Bush (Personnel)
  • Added two new Training Packages and an Advantage (Operations)
  • Added new DS9 Character Sheet (Computer Core)
  • Added both Klingon PDF previews (Computer Core)
  • New Priority One article
  • Fixed several site errors
  • Added two new comments to the (duh!) Comments Page
Stardate 9912.14
We're trying to beat the Christmas rush too...
  • New full-length Dave Biggins adventure (Tactical)
  • Lots of new artwork! (Visual Ref)
Stardate 9912.10
More to come!
  • Four new starships added (Utopia Planitia)
  • New Advantage, Skill and Commendation (Tactical)
  • Four new species added (Species)
Stardate 9910.15
Lots of cool stuff added!
  • Four new starships added (Utopia Planitia)
  • Two new full-length adventures (Tactical)
  • Enlisted rank insignias (Tactical)
  • Lots of new artwork! (Visual Ref)
  • Tons of new player aids, including the very cool Starfleet Org Charts, Starship Combat Chart, and new Romulan Character Sheets (Computer Core)
  • New TOS identification symbol.
Stardate 9909.23
Wow, was it really that long ago?
  • New editorial (Priority One)
  • Discussion Boards operational!
  • Six new starships (Utopia Planitia)
  • Two updated starships (Utopia Planitia)
  • Four new game aids (Computer Core)
Stardate 9907.30
Hey, it's been awhile but some new material to grace you with.
  • Covers of new LUG products! (Priority One)
  • Something like 13 new species! (Species)
  • Added bridge layout for Akira-class starships (Utopia Planitia)
  • New artwork section for aspiring artists! (The "Visual Reference Materials" section)
  • New weapon, the Capellan Kligat (Ops)
  • A six-page Romulan character sheet for use with Way of D'era! (Core)
Stardate 9906.21
The move of the site (sans discussion boards) is complete. Find the following:
  • Nova-class scout added (Utopia Planitia)
  • Four new NPCs for your use! (Personnel)
  • A new LUG IRC-log (Computer Core)
  • A new comprehensive skill list in Excel format (Computer Core)
  • Three new Species Templates.
  • The entire Species Data Bank section has been redone. Every page has been updated to look uniform. Also, all traces of "race" have been removed in favor of "species."
Stardate 9905.21
Here's what's new: (a second update is close behind)
  • Start of the next TrekRPGNet contest!
  • New ship, the Olympic-class (Utopia Planitia)
  • New Species Template (Species Data Bank)
  • Added two new Dave Biggins™ adventures! (Tactical)
  • Seven (!) new NPCs added, bringing the total to 32 (Personnel)
Stardate 9904.26
Here's what's new:
  • Ten new NPCs added to the Personnel section.
  • New links in the Transporter room.
  • Added a new Early Life History Package (Tactical)
  • Added a new Product Information page on the Crossover line of products (Product Information)
  • Contest winner announced.
Stardate 9904.16
Here's what's new:
  • The TrekRPGNet Discussion Boards were made live!
  • Fixed some broken links.
  • Renamed the "Race Data Bank" to "Species" -- more politically correct. (Not yet fully completed.)
Stardate 9904.12
The Mad Irishman goes nuts!
  • New character sheets in the Computer Core
  • Added 4 new overlays to the Tactical section
  • New starship, the Excelsior-class refit (Lakota)
  • Several new links added to the Transporter Room
  • New alternate Efrosian Template (Race)
  • Several maintenance updates
Stardate 9904.05
Eeek, keep forgetting to update the New Page!
  • The Last Unicorn Games GAMA 99 report online (Priority One)
  • Launch of the second contest underway (Priority One)
  • The new Priority One section with interviews, features, and important TrekRPGNet items.
Stardate 9903.12
Quick updates: (more this weekend)
  • Made some corrections to the product catalogs (Product Information)
  • Two new excllent character sheet additions by Patrick Murphy for TNG and TOS (Core)
  • Two additional Danube-class deck plans/variants added (Utopia Planitia)
  • New links added
  • Editorial added on the upcoming future for TrekRPGNet
Stardate 9903.03
  • Four covers up upcoming products now available to view (Info)
  • Sections dedicated to each of the three product lines on product information, size, and release dates. Available from the Information section.
Stardate 9902.01
Really Big Update - Part 2
  • Some deletions (see opening editorial comments)
  • Added a new Tour of Duty of package (Tactical)
  • Two new personnel (Personnel Records)
  • Four new ships: the Cheyenne, Centaur, Norway, and Danube (Runabout) designs (Utopia Planitia)
  • Personnel corrections/updates (Personnel Records)
  • New race, the Efrosian (Race)
  • Lowerd font size on about 20 pages to new format (Various)
Stardate 9901.29
Really Big Update - Part I 1/2
  • Ten new personnel records put online (Personnel)
  • New versions of the STTNG Character sheet and Starship Sheet online (Computer Core)
  • Two new racial Templates added (Race)
  • New entries into the "Guestbook"
  • I still have more to put up. It's slow going...
Stardate 1/22/99
Really Big Update - Part I
  • A re-design of the site and navigation bar with a new format. Key graphics were changed/replaced. I suggest you refresh all pages on the site or clear out your cache.
  • New sections added: Site Comments and a News Archive section
  • Intrepid-class got another error fix (Utopia Planitia)
  • New Personnel Records section added as a repository of NPCs for everyone to use. Please! Submissions greatly encouraged!
  • New Starship Reference Sheets added (Comp Core)
  • New Adventure, "Passageway" (Tactical)
  • Complete Skill Listing added (Comp Core)
  • New Race added, Terabian
  • I have about six more ships to put online plus other items in the second update to follow soon.
Stardate 1/19/99
Whoa! Had to fix a big problem!
  • Instructions for the "trekrpg" mailing list are now updated and correct! (Ops)
  • Submission guidelines greatly updated with more information (Ops)
Stardate 1/16/99
Just some minor updates while I was up:
  • Added the Defiant-class starship (Ship)
  • Updated stats for Intrepid and Sovereign-class ships to tweak photon and quantum torpedo stats (Ship)
  • Why didn't someone tell me that "Ferengi" was entered as "Furring" in the "Return to Farpoint" adventure! (Ops) Heh!
Stardate 12/18/98
Sorry for the delay in updates -- 'tis the season!
  • Article resources updated (Ops)
  • New Romulan ship added (Ship)
  • Killer Bee Fighter added (Ship)
  • Two new races, Trill and the Ursitaran (Race)
  • A new Dave Biggins adventure (Ops)
  • Expedition-class Battle Scout added (Ship)
  • An alternate Akira-class added (Ship)
  • Rumors and news updated (Info)
  • Covers of upcoming LUG products added (Info)
Stardate 12/04/98
Here's what I managed to get online today:
  • Fixed some credit problems on the D-7 and Klingon ships (Ship)
  • Added a new link (Trans)
  • Added a New Disadvantage (Ops)
  • Correction to the Romulan D-7 ship (Ship)
  • New Dave Biggins Adventure put online (Ops)
  • Image of the Peregrine added (Ship)
  • New Race, the Suchaki, added (Race)
  • Corrected Akira writing credit (Ship)
  • Added several new starships: Andor, Larson, Nelson, Gorn Raptor, and Gorn T-Rex (Ship)
  • Divided the Shipyard with sections for Threat, FASA, and Unique Designs (Ship)
  • New Tour of Duty Package, Hostile Frontier Defense (Ops)
  • New Race stats for the Vorta (Ops)
  • Hot new BMP play aids and maps put online (Core)
  • Had to pull the LUGTrek Netbook for legal reasons (Core)    :(
Stardate 12/03/98
Happy Three Month Birthday! TrekRPGNet is three months old and had its 10,000th visitor today!

Doing some reorganizing of the site but some new stuff online:

  • A new "Search Databanks" button to search the entire TrekRPGNet Web! Very cool and handy for finding what you need quickly!
  • Added the 11/25/98 AOL LUG Conference (Comp)
  • Added the last two archives of the "trekrpg" Internet Mailing List (Comp)
Stardate 11/13/98
To quote the old Klingon saying: "Today is a good day to UPDATE!"
  • We're now a member of the "Star Trek RPG Web Ring" (Trans)
  • Three new creatures added (Ops)
  • Alternate Vulcan template added (Race)
  • Would you believe THIRTEEN new ships added, including a very cool version of the New Orleans-class! (Ship)
  • Another nice adventure from Dave Biggins (Ops)

I have also begun work on the "Personnel Data Bank" section but need more personnel listings. So please, turn in your favorite characters so that other Narrators can use them in their campaigns as NPCs!

Stardate 11/12/98
In honor of "Blow It Out Your Ear Mr. Hostman Day" I offer the following:
  • A new BMP character sheet added (Comp)
  • A new review of ST:TNG RPG placed online (Info)
  • Several corrections to the essay on Star Trek RPG article resources (Ops)
  • Two nice Starfleet Training Packages added (Ops)
Stardate 11/11/98
A small update today with a much larger one to follow later this week.
  • New version of the LUGTrek Netbook is online! Very cool and very huge! (Comp)
  • New archive of the "trekrpg" mailing list added (Comp)
  • Lots of new "official" rules clarifications and errata added (Info)
  • Rumors page updated with more great information (Info)
Stardate 10/29/98
Lots of great new information on upcoming LUG products for the game!
  • Product release schedule and descriptions! (Info/Rumors)
  • Cover art for the Price of Freedom Sourcebook! (Info/Rumors)
  • Prime Directive/LUGTrek Conversion notes (Ops)
  • Star Trek Article resources (Ops)
  • New archive of the "trekrpg" mailing list added (Comp)
  • Log of the LUG AOL Conference for October! (Comp)
Stardate 10/22/98
Thanks to all that helped me track down my numerous errors. Every additional pair of eyes helps!
  • Corrected the author credits for the Moray
  • Two new reviews added (Info)
  • More corrections to the Intrepid plus the first stab at the tri-cobalt warheads! (Ship)
  • Yet another awesome adventure added! (Ops)
  • New Advantage added (Ops)
  • Some training packages added (Ops)
  • Left the 'new' counters from earlier in the week up
Stardate 10/19/98
Darn! More bugs!
  • Fixed warp speed problems with Sovereign and Intrepid-class starships
  • Fixed a major math error on my part about photon vs quantum torpedo yield!
  • The Kzinti Assault Cruiser's Neutronic Missiles actually do damage now!
  • Fixed a date mix-up on the Akira-class background
  • Updated information on the #TrekRPG IRC channel (Info)

Oops, no sooner had I done the update then I had some new stuff to add:

  • New Rumor added (Info)
  • Added archive of the "trekrpg" Internet Mailing List (Comp)

Ships, ships, ships!

  • Fixed some more typos (how do you spell "Ferengi?")
  • Adjusted stats on Sovereign, Intrepid, and Akira-class ships on new canon data (Ship)
  • Added 7 new ships! (Ship)
  • Added placeholder for upcoming Defiant and Prometheus-class ships (Ship)
  • Added the cool new v1.4 ST:TNG RPG Character Sheet! (Comp)
  • Nav-bar now 640 x 480 "friendly"
  • Removed the non-working counter (Over 3,000 hits in 30 days, 9,500 page requests in Oct)
Stardate 10/13/98
A mini-update:
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added a great new adventure! (Ops)
Stardate 10/12/98
A few housekeeping changes and new content:
  • Legal page updated at request
  • New links added! (Trans)
  • New races added (Race)
  • Added a new adventure (Ops)
  • Many new rumors posted (Info)
  • Errata pages updated (Info)
  • Many new rule clarifications (Info)

There will be another update later this week with more new additions.

Stardate 10/5/98
We're now the Star Trek Role Playing Game Network (TrekRPGNet)!

Please note the new domain and make a bookmark: www.trekrpg.net!

Stardate 10/1/98
A rather "modest" update -- I'm slowly clearing out my Inbox. Lots of starships coming soon!
  • Updated Sovereign-class stats based on reader input & typo (Ship)
  • Corrected some Akira-class errors (Ship)
  • Fixed the Race section (Race)
  • Updated new Character Sheet (Comp Core)
  • Added two new combat Maneuvers (Ops)
  • Added Essay on the Kzinti (Ops)
  • Added Essay on the Mirror Universe (Ops)
  • Added an Adventure! (Ops)
  • Errata updated (Info)
  • New Race added (Race)
Stardate 9/25/98
Many updates! I was out of the country and couldn't update the pages!
  • Updated the Welcome message
  • Site "tweak" - better space use, smaller buttons
  • Added new "Race Data Bank" section with all the Race Templates
  • Cool PDF Tricorder displays added (Comp Core)
  • Updated Errata (Info)
  • Updated Rumors (Info)
  • Updated Rule Clarifications (Info)
  • Added new Combat Maneuver (Ops)
  • Added Merchant Marine Overlays (Ops)
  • Added new Race - Benzites (Race)
  • Information on #TrekRPG IRC (Info)
  • Updated Constitution-class Ship (Ship)
  • Added three new starships! (Ship)

Would you believe I still have even more to add?

Stardate 9/10/98
Update #2:
  • Added nifty "NEW" rotating icons to help identify new items!
  • The Utopia Planitia Shipyards are now open!
  • Added new ship stats (Ship)
  • Rumors updated (Info)
  • New link added (Trans)

Today's first update:

  • Two new reviews added (Info)
  • Rule Clarifications page added (Info)
  • Updated Jem'Hadar (Ops)
  • Rumors page added (Info)
  • Errata page updated (Info)
  • Stats for Captain Jean-Luc Picard added (Ops)
Stardate 9/08/98
The Official Grand Opening of the Webpages!

A mid-afternoon special:

  • A map of the Galaxy (Comp Core)
  • 17 new Racial Templates! (Ops)
  • Formatting corrections throughout

Lots of new content added, including:

  • Three reviews (Info)
  • Unofficial errata (Info)
  • Submission Guidelines (Info)
  • The "trekrpg" Internet Mailing List (Info)
  • Statistics for Captain James T. Kirk (Ops)
  • Three UFP/Starfleet Overlays (Ops)
  • Three Racial Templates (Ops)
  • Overlays for the Cardassian Seventh Order (Ops)
  • New Skill - Pain Reduction (Ops)
  • Updated Links page (Trans)
  • Updated PDF Character Sheet (Comp Core)
  • New UFP Blank Handout (Comp Core)
  • New PDF version of the LUGTrek Netbook (Comp Core)

And for your viewing pleasure:

  • Removed Java-script on navigation buttons for compatibility. Main page will load two times faster than before.
Stardate 9/04/98
Many, many changes!
  • The Legal page has been added.
  • LCARS navigation buttons have been reduced.
  • Multiple spelling errors corrected.
  • New images added.
  • Information on the mailing list.
  • Much, much more!

I have communications open with LUG representatives to add more information on the game.

Stardate 9/03/98
Welcome! This page is just getting off of the ground!
Right now content is very limited but at the pace people are creating neat stuff for the new Star Trek: The Next Generation Role Playing Game I'm sure it won't be long before this site is jam-packed full of useful information!

Please use the e-mail link to the left ("Hailing Frequencies") to send me a message, a file, or just general comments!

(Yes, images are coming soon!)

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