Lock onto some of the following sites:

Click to transport!Mad Irishman Productions
    Patrick Murphy's homepage of many excellent PDF files.
Click to transport!Douglas Shuler
    Renowned RPG artist and contributor of many graphic renderings found in our Discussion Boards.
Click to transport!C. Wilson Trull
    Artist and designer of the TrekRPGNet logo concept.
Click to transport!The Seventh Order
    Dedicated site to the Cardassians and online Cardassian role playing.
Click to transport!Star Trek Ships
    Everything you ever wanted to know about any ship in Star Trek. Really.
Click to transport!John's Star Trek RPG Page
    Another fine page with information on the RPG.
Click to transport!RPGnet
    Former home of the "trekrpg" mailing list and much more.
Click to transport!Relic
    An informational website for a game of Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG.

Click to transport!The Blue Room
    Sounds Rated-R but it isn't! Homepage of S. John Ross, writer of role playing products and for Last Unicorn Games. While there, check out his very handy "Mirror, Mirror" Universe game aid!

Click to transport!U.S.S. Carolina
    A Play-by-E-Mail (PBEM) game (I think) of Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG using the LUGTrek rules.

Click to transport!Star Trek: Colony
    An informational website for a game of Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG in London, England. Make sure to check out the opening trailer!
Click to transport!U.S.S. Enterprise-F Sim Page
    A Trek sim site with lots of extra information of interest to Trek gamers.
Click to transport!Star Trek: A New Beginning
    A site about a Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG game with lots of great information. Includes house rules, new ships and equipment, and even a little humor!
Click to transport!Greg's Star Trek RPG Home Page
    A site with plenty of useful information. Devoted to a long- running Star Trek game.
Click to transport!Vulcan Language Institute
    If you ever wanted to know about the Vulcan language and culture, this is the place for you. The organization has been in operation for twenty years!
Click to transport!U.S.S. Intrepid
    Home to a Star Trek and Sci Fi Club with lots of useful info on a lot of subjects in the Trek universe.
Click to transport!Deep Space 10
    Home of a Play-by-E-Mail (PBEM) game set at Deep Space Ten (formerly known as Empok Nor). Uses the Last Unicorn Games ICON system.
Click to transport!U.S.S. Venture
    Home of a Play-by-E-Mail (PBEM) game set on the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Venture. Uses the Last Unicorn Games ICON system.
Click to transport!Star Trek: Liberty
    Joseph Manno's Star Trek fiction site. Features a very stylish crew manifest, timeline, and full ICON stats for the featured ship, the U.S.S. Liberty.
Click to transport!Star Trek: The Lost Episodes

    Last Unicorn Games writer Steve Kenson's chapters from 5 unpublished sourcebooks: Ash & Iron: The Cardassians, Blood & Honor: The Klingons, Merchants & Traders, The Starfleet Security Handbook, and Through a Glass Darkly: the Mirror Universe. There's a lot of material here -- 15 chapters' worth!  And all right on the border of being official.
Click to transport!Untaken Treks
    Last Unicorn Games writer S. John Ross's unpublished LUGTrek work. Includes species info from Final Frontiers (the Movie Era sourcebook), Rigel III info from Sky Princes of Orion, a bit about Mirror Andoria from the Mirror Universe book, and Narrators' advice from Blood & Honor, Starfleet Security, Merchants & Traders, and To Boldly Go.
Click to transport!Far Realms Gaming Archive
    Fan-created site that, while currently slightly sparse on information, shows great promise as a storehouse of useful info and other goodies for LUGTrek and more!
Click to transport!Oberth-class Starship Deck Plans
    Owen Oulton's superb site dedicated to the Oberth-class starship. Contains deck plans and full game statistics.
Click to transport!Epsilon 43
    Bob Range's online campaign using a hybrid of LUGTrek, FASA, and GURPS. This site puts the Microsoft Network's website hosting features to good use, providing campaign information, a bulletin board, image downloads, a chat room, personnel bios, and more.
Click to transport!Star Trek: New Worlds
    James Kikland's Play-by-E-Mail (PBEM) gaming site. Set just after the Deep Space Nine series in the year 2377. A place for both new and veteran players who like to play for fun and not for politics.
Click to transport!U.S.S. Icarus
    Daniel Stack's site for his LUGTrek campaign. Contains info about the ship as well as mission logs for the adventures the group has played. There's also a link to similar writeups on Dan's previous campaign on the U.S.S. H.G. Wells.
Click to transport!The Big Bad Ferengi/Orion Equipment Price Guide new1.gif (1850 bytes)
    William B. Swift's analysis of economy in Star Trek. William discusses money (or the absense thereof), credits, exchange rates, Latinum, and replicators. He also provides a comprehensive price list that covers possibly every piece of equipment to appear in a LUGTrek rulebook!
Click to transport!Star Trek Game Indexes new1.gif (1850 bytes)
   Haiiro's gaming resource site includes a number of indexes of LUGTrek material, including templates, overlays, skills,
advantages, and disadvantages from all of the TNG and DS9-era products.

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