Species Template: Aba
By Brent Reiersen

Fitness 3 [6]
    Strength +1
Coordination 2 [5]
Intellect 2 [5]
Presence 2 [5]
Psi 0 [0]

Culture (Aba) 2 (3)
History (Aba) 1 (2)
Language, Aba 2
World Knowledge (Abutateaba) 1 (2)
Persuasion (Choose Specialization) 2 (3)
First Aid (Aba) 1 (2)

Typical Advantages/Disadvantages
Ambidexterity +2

Homeworld: Abutateaba (in Gamma Quadrant)
The large Aba Empire is consecutive to the Dominion, closer to the Alpha Quadrant than the Dominion. The Aba empire also borders the Zwickau empire. Aba are a fairly large green humanoid race. They have yellow eyes and no hair. The Aba Empire is aggressive against everyone they encounter. Their society is democratic, environmentalist, and wealth-loving.

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