Species Template: Benzite
By Allen Shock

A humanoid race, inhabitants of the planet Benzar. Because of the atmosphere of their homeworlds, they must use respirators to breathe properly in Class M environments.

Fitness 2 [5]
Coordination 2 [5]
Intellect 2 [5]
Presence 2 [5]
    Empathy +1
Psi 0 [5]

Any Science (choose specialty) 2 (3)
Athletics (choose Specialization) 1 (2)
Culture (Benzite) 2 (3)
History (Benzite) 1 (2)
Language, Benzite 2
Planetside Survival (Class M worlds) 1 (2)
World Knowledge (Benzar) 1 (2)

Typical Advantages/Disadvantages
Medical Problem (cannot breathe standard atmosphere)-3, Medical Remedy (Respirator) +3

NOTE: After 2372, Benzite medical science makes the use of the respirator unnecessary. Also note that Benzites from the same geostructure look identical to non-Benzites, which opens up some interesting ideas, such as allowing a player to play multiple Benzites from the same geostructure

Benzites were seen in the ST: TNG episodes "A Matter of Honor" and "Coming of Age", and were also seen in the DS9 episode "Apocalypse Rising".

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