Species Template: Borg
By Patrick M. Murphy

The Borg are a cybernetically enhanced humanoid species, each drone tied into a centralized communications network known as the collective. The Borg civilization is constantly expanding to assimilate new species in which their technology and distinctiveness is added to that of the Borg.

Fitness 4 [6]
    Strength +1
    Vitality +1
Coordination 1 [6]
Intellect 4 [6]
Presence 1 [5]
    Willpower +2
    Empathy -2
Psi 0 [0]

Any necessary Skill and Specialization (accessed through the Collective) 3 (4)
Language (Borg) 2
Unarmed Combat (Wrestling) 2 (3)

Typical Advantages/Disadvantages
Eidetic Memory +3, Enhanced Vision +2, High Pain threshold +2, Multitasking +2, Rapid Healing +1

Editor's Notes
    This is obviously a very quick-and-dirty version of the Borg. The complexities of the species and their special abilities (cybernetics) is beyond the scope of a very quick Template.

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