Species Template: Dopterians
By Kurt McCoy

The Dopterians are a subject race of the Cardassian Union.  Cardassia uses the Dopterians as merchants and sometimes as courier/agents (due to their resistance to Telepathic interrogation).  Unfortunately, since the Dopterians tend to be a little on the timid side to start with, Telepathy is rarely needed to wring information from them, making them of only moderate real value as allies.

Fitness 1 [5]
Coordination 2 [5]
    Dexterity +1
Intellect 2 [6]
    Logic +1
Presence 2 [5]
    Willpower -1
Psi 0 [5]

Science, Any (Choose specialization) 1(2)
Concealment (Choose spec.) 1(2)
Culture (Dopterian) 2(3)
History (Dopterian) 1(2)
Language Dopterian 2
Merchant (Choose spec.) 1(2)
World Knowledge (Dopa) 1(2)

Typical Advantages/Disadvantages
Multitasking +2, Telepathic Resistance +4, Toughness +2, Greedy -1

Natives of the Dopa system, which is within the Cardassian Union, Dopterians have many Early Life experiences (and thus Background History Packages) which mirror those of the Bajorans and other Cardassian subject races.  Other skills and Traits common among Dopterians include the following:
 Language, Cardassian 1
 Law (Cardassian) 1 (2)
 Species Friend (Cardassian) +4
 Obligation (Cardassian Citizen) -2

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