Species Template: Hermat
By John H. McCullough

Fitness 2 [5]
Coordination 3 [6]
    Dexterity +1
Intellect 2 [5]
    Perception +1
Presence 2 [5]
Psi 0 [5]

Any Science (Choose Specialization) 1 (2)
Athletics (Choose Specialization) 2 (3)
Culture (Hermat) 2 (3)
History (Hermat) 1 (2)
Language (Hermat) 2
World Knowledge (Hermat Homeworld) 1 (2)

Typical Advantages/ Disadvantages
Sexy +2, Excellent Chemoreception +1, Excellent Balance +1, Natural Weaponry (claws) +1, Diminished Social Status -1, Impulsive -1

Traits Common to the Species
Hermats are, in general, a solitary species, preferring the company of others of their own kind to that of non-hermaphroditic species. It is only the exceptional Hermat who ventures from the homeworld frequently, and to remain away even then is nearly unheard of. Hermats who do remain away from the homeworld are looked at as having "something wrong" with them by their native society. Hermats also have a tendency to trust their highly developed instincts, which lead them to act without thinking, especially in interpersonal relationships.

Size: Hermats tend towards the middle of the height range of Earth humans, rarely reaching either of the extremes. They typically mass less than Earth Humans, giving them a lithe appearance which accentuates both their male and female aspects.

Hermats possess both male and female sexual characteristics, and unlike hermaphroditic "mutations" in other species, this state is natural. They are "fully funcitonal," and capable of reproduction as either a male or a female. It is believed that Hermat DNA is compatible with most other humanoid species in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Story Notes
Hermats are generally a xenophobic species, preferring their own kind to most other species. It is a rare hermat indeed who willingly lives off the homeworld among unisexual species. Hermats also revel in their sexuality, and it has been noted that their sexual drive can often match that of the Deltans, though without the empathic aspects.

In an effort to normalize relations with the Federation, Hermats have also empowered a language council to determine how their species should be referenced. Most notable, they Council provides the Federation and all off-world Hermats with a special set of pronouns with which to refer to the species. The council has frequently changed its mandates, creating no end of hassle not only for Hermats, but any races which seek to deal with them without offending. Most notable are the replacement for his and her, "hir" and "s/he" instead of he or she. At one point Hermat dignitaries and officials were supposed to be addressed as "s/hir" instead of sir, but the Council recently dropped this designation.

Hermats have only one name, followed by a number, designating the length of their lineage. For instance, "Rosian 217" would be the 217th member of hir family with that name. To date, only one Hermat is known to be a member of Starfleet, a fact of which s/he finds both pleasing and difficult.

Author's Notes
I modelled this off Allen Shock's template, but I was aiming to create a more likely template for a player character. I eliminated the xenophibic aspect because it doesn't seem to fit with the Hermat portrayed in the New Frontier series of books. My suggestion would be that if a PC wants to play a Hermat to use the statistics presented here, but for NPC Hermats to use the statistics presented by Allen, as Burgy (and presumably others) are the exception to Hermat society, rather than the rule.

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