Species Template: Mynieni
By Matthew Pook & William F. Hostman

Fitness 1 [2]
Coordination 2 [2]
Intellect 2 [5]
Presence 1 [1]
Psi 0 [1]

Culture (Mynieni) 1 (3)
Engineering, Material (Mining) 1 (2)
History (Mynieni) 1 (2)
Language, Mynieni 2
Planetary Science (Geology or Mineralogy) 1 (2)
Survival (Mynie) 1 (2)
World Knowledge (Mynie) 2 (3)

Advantages and Disadvantages
Ambidexterity +2, Double Jointed +2, Enhanced Touch +1, Excellent Balance +1, Excellent Sight +2, Extraordinary Fine Manipulation +1, Night Vision +2, Mathematical Ability +3, Multi-tasking +2, Peripheral Vision +1, Poor Large Manipulation -1

Living in large underground city complexes, Mynieni are a race of small, purple-grey, pear-shaped beings, possessing hundreds of short (20-40 cm long), narrow (1 cm diameter) tentacles, which they use in place of traditional limbs. The flexibility and stability of these limbs allow the Mynieni to undertake tasks involving fine manipulations with ease, although they find handling larger objects difficult to handle due to their overall small physical size - approximately 1 meter in height.

They have two large and very powerful eyes atop their bodies, which are very sensitive as well as having a wide field of view. Sudden drastic changes in light levels are likely to stun them briefly (1 round), but such changes are actually similar to the level changes needed to stun humans. (They simply can see through a much wider range of light levels.)

Biologically, Mynieni are not a race prone to wide variances in physiological ability; in fact, only mental prowess seems to vary much. They are so much alike in most cases, that few non-Mynieni can actually tell one from another, except through protracted conversation, although the owl-like hooting language of the Mynieni is difficult to master.

Female Mynieni actually give birth to broods of 20 to 200 young, but this is offset by their high infant mortality rate. Socially, strong ties to complex social groupings, rather than to biological families dominate the Mynieni, and these ties last throughout their lives.

In the Federation, Mynieni are valued for their mining expertise and where they are employed they will often stay to establish subterranean colonies. Mynieni in Starfleet tend towards non-physically demanding fields, like communications and the sciences, especially medical sciences.

Their Poor Large Manipulation costs them one die on tasks involving physically manipulating large objects (more than 30cm in length). They get an extra die on any tasks involving objects less than 5cm in size, due to their excellent fine manipulation; this specifically includes such actions as surgery, fixing personal electronic devices, using type 1 hand phasers, making detailed models, and other such tasks.

This is an adaptation of the race from Prime Directive, the role-playing game from Task Force Games, set in the Star Fleet Battles universe. For further information see UFP - The Federation Source Book, p. 91.

Special Rules: Mynieni may not increase any edge above +1, nor below -1.

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