Species Template: Skoleans
By Matthew Pook & William F. Hostman

Fitness 2 [4]
    Strength -1
    Vitality +1
Coordination 4 [7]
    Dexterity +1
Intellect 1 [5]
Presence 2 [5]
Psi 0 [5]

Culture (Gorn) 2 (3)
(Skolean) (3)
History (Skolean) 1 (2)
Languages, Skolean 1
    Gorn 2
Shipboard Systems (Flight Control) 1 (3)
Space Science (Astrogation) 1 (2)
Vehicle Operation (Shuttlecraft) 1 (3)
World Knowledge (Skoleans) 1 (2)

Typical Advantages & Disadvantages
Chameleon Ability +3, Excellent Balance +1, Peripheral Vision +1, Zero Training +2; Code of Honor (Pledge: Never Break a Contract) -2, Impulsive -1, Obligation (Gorns) -2, Obsessive Tendencies (Flying) -3, Species Enemy (Romulans) -5

Skoleos is a low-tech world between Federation and Gorn space. Though an associate member, the Skoleans maintain only good relations with the Federation, whilst being almost allies with the Gorns. No Skolean has served in Starfleet, but many will work for the Gorns as fighter and shuttlecraft pilots, skills at which the Skoleans have the reputation for being amongst the best in the galaxy. This is nearly always for a fixed five year period or "S'torra", as well as a fee. This pact is one that no Skolean will ever break, but once over, they will usually serve elsewhere, but for their first S'torra, Skoleans feel obliged to serve with the Gorns.

Only 1.6 meters tall, Skoleans are skinny lizards with a wiry rather than strong build. They can swivel their eyes giving them excellent peripheral vision, and they also have the ability to change the color of their skin enabling them to blend into the background. Working best under low light, this ability does not defeat the scanning ability of tricorders, and they need to be totally naked for it to work.

The Federation believes that the Gorns rendered the Skoleans both medical and technological aid during the early period of the contact, which would explain why the Skoleans feel highly obligated to the Gorns. The Skoleans are happy to serve in the Gorn military or help protect Gorn mercantile interests, as long as they are flying. The strength of this obligation is such that the Skoleans now favor the Gorn tongue and naming conventions over their own.

Skoleans who do not serve the Gorns as pilots will often serve as scouts in the Gorn Vanguard Teams or Gorn army. Those that serve in this capacity usually overcome their obsession with flying. Long service with the Gorns as a race has given the Skoleans the same extreme dislike that the Gorns have of the Romulans.

The Skoleans are a conversion of the race that appears and is described in Prime Adventures 1, a supplement for Prime Directive, the role-playing game for the Star Fleet Battles universe published by Task Force Games. For further information, see page 44 of Prime Adventures 1.

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