Species Template: Vorta
By Will Hindmarch

Fitness 2 [4]
    Vitality +2
Coordination 2 [5]
Intellect 3 [5]
Presence 3 [5]
    Empathy +1
    Willpower +1
Psi 0 [6]

Administration (Jem'Hadar) 2 (3)
Culture (Dominion) 2 (3)
Culture (select specialization) 2 (3)
Diplomacy (select specialization) 2 (3)
History (Dominion) 1 (2)
Language, Dominion 3
Persuasion (select specialization) 2 (3)
Social Science (select specialization) 1 (2)
World Knowledge (select specialization) 1 (2)

Typical Advantages/Disadvantages
Command +2, Excellent Chemoreception +2, Excellent Hearing +2, Species Friend (Founders) +5, Synergy +2, Fanatic -2, Poor Sight -2, Poor Taste -2, Species Enemy (pick) -3 to -5

Native to a world within Dominion space as-yet unvisited by Federation explorers, the Vorta have been genetically manipulated by the Dominion Founders to serve as diplomats, ambassadors, and military leaders. Designed to compliment the abilities of the Jem'Hadar, each Vorta is very much like the others of their race, with only minimal variation maintained for specialization purposes. Also, multiple copies of each Vorta are developed so that difficulties arising from the loss of any individual can be minimized.

Vorta are humanoid, with styled black hair and dark eyes. Pale, almost purple skin covers noble, attractive features on most specimens. Their ears are fully attached, running from above the chin to above the eyebrows on either side of the face. Average height is typically between 5.5 and 6 feet. Known for gracious violence and suave threats, Vorta are talented charmers as well as cunning strategists. Most oscillate freely between the two. They are absolutely loyal to the Founders, whom they revere as gods. The mere presence of a Founder causes a Vorta to humble itself and fawn over the changeling's well-being.

Author's Notes
We first encountered the Vorta in, I believe, the ST:DS9 episode "Jem'Hadar." The Vorta in that episode, a deceitful female, had potent psi powers. It appears, however, that the producers have abandoned that notion. Rightfully so. The Vorta are much more interesting with their current personalities. Please note that Vorta can have a variety of advantages and disadvantages other than those above. Most of what makes a Vorta unique comes from these Ads and Disads. While some, like Weyoun, can be argued to be Tactical Geniuses, others, like Keevan from "Rocks and Shoals" are Greedy and self-interested. The "Command" advantage above is something like the Department Head advantage, but in this case refers to the figure's detachment of Jem'Hadar. It is important for Narrators to tweak the personalities of the Vorta in their game to ensure memorable, quirky characters. I recommend the Iggy Pop model.

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