Security Level Omega Clearance Granted

The following Operational Material is available for processing:


Click to transport!Adventure: "All in the Family"
Click to transport!Adventure: "Barbarians at the Gate"
Click to transport!Adventure: "Conquest's Tools"
Click to transport!
Adventure: "Counting Coup"
Click to transport!Adventure: "Echoes of Faded Glory"
Click to transport!Adventure: "Enter Chimera"
Click to transport!
Adventure: "Homecoming"
Click to transport!Adventure: "A Hungry Season"
Click to transport!Adventure: "The Kobayashi Maru"
Click to transport!
Adventure: "Omniscience"
Click to transport!Adventure: "Passageway"
Click to transport!
Adventure: "Prelude to Reflection"
Click to transport!Adventure: "Return to Farpoint"
Click to transport!Adventure: "Return to Nimbus III"
Click to transport!Adventure: "Sculptor of the Mind"

Character Creation and Development

Click to transport!Advantage: Shapeshifting
Click to transport!Advantage: Instinctive Astrogation
Click to transport!
Commendation: Preston Medal
Conversion rules: FASA Trek to LUGTrek

Click to transport!Conversion rules: Prime Directive to LUGTrek
Click to transport!Advantage: Brevet Promotion

Click to transport!Disadvantage: Reprimand
Click to transport!Skill: Pain Reduction (Psi)

Click to transport!Skill: Shapeshifting
Click to transport!
Overlay: Diplomat (Federation)
Click to transport!Overlay: Merchant (Generic)
Click to transport!
Overlay: Merchant Marine
Click to transport!Overlay: Pirate (Generic)
Click to transport!Overlay: Scientist (Generic)
Click to transport!
Overlay: The Seventh Order - Cardassian Military
Click to transport!Overlay: Spy (Generic)
Click to transport!Overlay: Starfleet Diplomatic Corps
Click to transport!Overlay: Starfleet Intelligence Officer

Click to transport!Package: Advanced Starfleet Training
Click to transport!Package: Diplomatic Corps Training
Click to transport!Package: Guerilla Fighter Early Life History
Click to transport!Package: Hostile Frontier Defense Tour of Duty
Click to transport!Package: Junior Explorers of the Federation
Click to transport!Package: Law School Training and Tours of Duty
Click to transport!Package: Scientific Mission (Life Sciences) Tour of Duty
Click to transport!Package: Starfleet Flight Academy
Click to transport!Package: Starfleet Intelligence Training
Click to transport!Package: Starfleet Staff College
Click to transport!Package: War
Click to transport!Rules for Generating Command Rank Characters

Combat and Weapons

Click to transport!Combat Maneuver: "Nerve Chop"
Click to transport!Combat Maneuver:  "Double Leg Kick"
Click to transport!Combat Maneuver: "The Hammer"
Click to transport!
Weapon: Capellan Kligat


Click to transport!Creature: Denebian Slime Devil
Click to transport!Creature: Targ
Click to transport!Creature: Tribble


Click to transport!Enlisted Rank Insignia
Click to transport!
Essay: "Running Adventures in the Mirror Universe"
Click to transport!Essay: "Incorporating the Kzinti into the ST:TNG RPG"
Click to transport!Star Trek Article Resources

Click to transport!Warp Scale Comparison (TOS & TNG)

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