personnel records

Feature Characters
Click to transport!Crusher, Commander Beverly (Starfleet Chief Medical Officer)
Click to transport!Crusher, Acting Ensign Wesley (Starfleet Flight Control Officer)
Click to transport!Data, Lt. Commander (Starfleet Operations Management Officer)
Click to transport!Emergency Medical Hologram (Starfleet Medical Officer)
Click to transport!Kirk, Captain James T. (Starfleet Captain)
Click to transport!LaForge, Lt., j.g. Geordi (Starfleet Flight Control Officer)
Click to transport!Picard, Captain Jean-Luc (Starfleet Captain)
Click to transport!Riker, Lt. Thomas (Former Starfleet Operations Officer)
Click to transport!Riker, Commander William (Starfleet Executive Officer)
Click to transport!Troi, Lt. Commander Deanna (Starfleet Ship's Counselor)
Click to transport!Worf, Lieutenant (Starfleet Operations Officer)
Click to transport!Yar, Lieutenant Tasha (Starfleet Chief of Security)

Original Characters
Click to transport!Baphus, Lieutenant j.g. Asher (Starfleet Tactical Officer)
Click to transport!Baran, Ensign Deela (Starfleet Engineering Officer)
Click to transport!
Brady, Lieutenant j.g. Jake (Starfleet Tactical Officer)
Click to transport!
Bush, Field Agent Colin (Department of Temporal Investigations Agent)
Click to transport!Chin, Ensign Wei (Starfleet Biosciences Officer)
Click to transport!Cless, Lieutenant Mora (Starfleet Tactical Officer)

Click to transport!Dach, Lieutenant (Starfleet Chief of Intelligence/Second Officer)
Click to transport!Deacon, Commander Charles E. (Starfleet Commanding Officer)
Click to transport!Deris, Ensign Reyshon (Starfleet Security Officer)
Click to transport!Federov, Lieutenant Aleksandr Sergeevich (Starfleet Operations Manager)
Click to transport!Gaask, Ensign (Starfleet Engineering Officer)
Click to transport!Gavak, Lt., j.g. (Starfleet Security Officer)
Click to transport!Gröen, Ensign Talja (Starfleet Biosciences Officer)

Click to transport!Jackson, Ensign Brian (Starfleet Planetary Sciences Officer)
Click to transport!Kal, Lt., j.g. Talana (Starfleet Science Officer)
Click to transport!
Kelso, Lieutenant Roy (Starfleet Flight Control Officer)
Click to transport!Lund, Lt., j.g. Albrecht (Starfleet Astrophysics Officer)
Click to transport!
Mackenzie, Midshipman Jake (Starfleet Flight Control Officer)
Click to transport!M'Benga, Lt., j.g. Adeline, M.D. (Starfleet Assistant Medical Officer)
Click to transport!M'Benga, Lieutenant Rashidi, M.D. (Starfleet Chief Medical Officer)
Click to transport!McKevitt, Lieutenant Kevin (Starfleet Operations Officer)
Click to transport!Mastroianni, Gianni (Federation Intelligence Service Agent)
Click to transport!Mudd, Commander Helena (Starfleet Security Officer/Commanding Officer)
Click to transport!Samson, Lt. Commander Delilah (Starfleet Operations Manager)
Click to transport!
Sedrik, Lieutenant (Starfleet Science Officer)
Click to transport!Sendara, Lt., j.g. Trastam (Starfleet Science Officer)
Click to transport!Sernia, Lieutenant Peri (Starfleet CMO/Ship's Counselor)

Click to transport!Smith, Ensign William Carstairs (Starfleet Engineering Officer)
Click to transport!Sommerville, Lieutenant Andrea (Starfleet Chief Medical Officer)
Click to transport!Sonam, Ensign (Starfleet Microbiology Officer)
Click to transport!Sormok (colonist and former Colonial Administrator)
Click to transport!Talbot, Lieutenant George (Starfleet Intelligence Officer)
Click to transport!Thoma, Lieutenant (Starfleet Flight Control Officer)
Click to transport!Torel (Colonial Trade Legate)
Click to transport!T'val (Federation Intelligence Service Agent)
Click to transport!Woods, Lt., j.g. Kenneth (Starfleet Engineering Officer)
Click to transport!Yamamoto, Lt., j.g. Hiroshi (Starfleet Science Officer)

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