utopia planitia shipyards
Ambassador Class Cruiser

Welcome to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. You are authorized to review the following hull specifications:

Click to transport!Akira-class Heavy Cruiser (Type I)
Click to transport!Akira-class Heavy Cruiser (Type II)
Click to transport!Centaur-class Scout (Type I)
Click to transport!Centaur-class Scout (Type II)

Click to transport!Cheyenne-class Light Cruiser
Click to transport!Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser (Type I)
Click to transport!Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser (Type II)
Click to transport!Constellation-class Cruiser
Click to transport!Danube-class Runabout
Click to transport!Defiant-class Escort
Click to transport!Excelsior-class Heavy Cruiser Refit
Click to transport!Galaxy-class Explorer Refit

Click to transport!Intrepid-class Explorer
Click to transport!Miranda-class Cruiser (Types I-III)
Click to transport!New Orleans-class Frigate
Click to transport!Norway-class Medium Cruiser
Click to transport!Nova-class Scout (Version I)
Click to transport!Nova-class Scout (Version II)
Click to transport!Olympic-class Medium Cruiser
Click to transport!Peregrine-class Fighter
Click to transport!Raider-class Escort
Click to transport!Saber-class Light Cruiser
Click to transport!Sovereign-class Heavy Cruiser
Click to transport!Steamrunner-class Cruiser

Threat Designs

Click to transport!Borg Cube
Click to transport!Breen Battleship

Click to transport!Cardassian Keldon-class Battlecruiser (Obsidian Order)
Click to transport!Dominion Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
Click to transport!Ferengi Cargo Shuttle

Click to transport!Ferengi Shuttlepod

Click to transport!Klingon D7-class Cruiser
Click to transport!Klingon K't'inga-class Battlecruiser (Type I)
Click to transport!Klingon K't'inga-class Battlecruiser (Type II)
Click to transport!Klingon Suvwl'-class Assault Shuttle
Click to transport!Romulan Bird of Prey-class Cruiser
Click to transport!Romulan D7-class Battlecruiser

FASA Conversions

Click to transport!Andor-class Missile Cruiser
Click to transport!Larson-class Destroyer (Type I)
Click to transport!Larson-class Destroyer (Type II)
Click to transport!Nelson-class Scout
Click to transport!Klingon D18-class Battlecruiser

Original (Non-Canon) Designs

Click to transport!
Andes-class Shuttle

Click to transport!Bradbury-class Research Cruiser
Click to transport!Belknap-class Strike Cruiser
Click to transport!Challenger-class Surveyor
Click to transport!Expedition-class Battle ScoutVanguard-class APC Shuttle
Click to transport!Eclipse-class Special Operations Ship
Click to transport!Federation-class Dreadnought
Click to transport!Freedom-class Cruiser

Click to transport!Hermes-class Scout
Click to transport!Killer Bee Fighter
Click to transport!Moray-class Escort
Click to transport!Pathfinder-class Deep Explorer
Click to transport!
Ptolemy-class Transport/Tug
Click to transport!Saladin-class Destroyer

Click to transport!Vanguard-class APC Shuttle

Click to transport!Gorn Raptor-class Destroyer
Click to transport!Gorn Tyrannosaurus-class Heavy Cruiser
Click to transport!Klingon D'rel-class Light Destroyer
Click to transport!
Kzinti Assault Cruiser
Click to transport!Kzinti Police Cruiser
Click to transport!Kzinti Destroyer
Click to transport!Kzinti Patrol Craft
Click to transport!
Romulan Hunterbird-class Escort

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